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Best Free Spins No Deposit Casino Bonuses Online

This is fantastic news for you, as it means more opportunities to try your luck and potentially pocket some wins, completely risk-free.


BitStarz is a top-notch crypto casino that was launched in 2014. With more than 3.6 million players in its database, it’s a popular destination for online gamers worldwide.

Slots. Lv

Slots. Lv is an online casino that offers a wide variety of slots games, as well as other casino games such as blackjack, roulette, and baccarat. The casino is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority and has a good reputation.

Choose the best online slots options

We have provided some expert advice that you should consider before choosing an online casino that offers the best online slots games:

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Reliability and Security

When doing our complete analysis, the first thing we look at is the security of the establishment. We’ll take a thorough look at site security and credentials with a few important factors in mind.

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Bonuses and promotions

In online casinos, there are various bonuses or incentives such as the welcome bonus, no deposit bonuses or deposit bonuses. The welcome bonus is by far the most attractive offer for new players. For slots enthusiasts, this is an absolute must!

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Efficient website or app

Casinos have to accommodate both desktop and mobile players. We pay attention if the mobile casino is compatible with Androids, iPhones and tablets. We want to make sure that the site works as intended and offers an experience on mobile devices that is on par with the desktop version.

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Strolling Through Las Vegas Casinos In Search Of The Best Blackjack Table

For many years now the interest of many professional players has been focusing on Blackjack , obviously due to the rapid spread of the various guides and strategies aimed at increasing the chances of winning against the dealer .

In fact, the players in possession of cold blood and the necessary skills to beat the dealer are more and more numerous and for the operators of the sector they represent a serious threat, capable of razing even the budget of the most famous casinos to the ground.

As on a battlefield, in which a new type of opponent’s weapon is answered by adopting new countermeasures, in the same way the casinos have responded to the exponential increase in winnings by the players by reducing the payouts of Blackjack.

The Countermeasures Of The Casinos

Greed you say? Not by chance, this is a simple survival strategy adopted by the wise administrators of Nevada to avoid ending up like their colleagues in the rest of the United States (Atlantic City in primis).

In particular, the Las Vegas casinos have adopted two defense strategies:

  • they introduced the obligation to fish for the dealer in case of soft 17;
  • they have reduced payments for the BJ.

The first defensive weapon forces the dealer to continue his action even when he reaches a soft 17 (obtained thanks to an ace) and this new rule further increases the edge of the casino.

Obviously the risk of busting increases for the dealer, but after careful analysis by some players it has been calculated that the overall margin of victory increases by a further 0.20%.


The other countermeasure concerns the payments for the BJ which have been reduced by a significant percentage, especially in the “Strip” area, which being the tourist area is populated mainly by users who are not regulars.

In these areas of the city the BJ is no longer paid 3 to 2, but only 6 to 5, so for example the player for a $ 100 Blackjack will get a payment of $ 120 and no longer $ 150, with great savings for the casinos.

So the advice we give you is to move through the streets of the “City that never sleeps” and go in search of the best offers for BJ and to facilitate the task, here are some of them.

Sls Las Vegas

This gambling house is located in the “Strip” area and its strengths in the $ 10 table are:

  • the player can double up with any pair even after the split;
  • the player can also re-split the axes.

Aria, Bellagio And Mirage

These three casinos are among the most reputable in Las Vegas and follow the same rules as SLS at $ 25 tables.

Mgm Resort

In all the casinos belonging to this chain it is offered the possibility to double after the split in the $ 100 tables, where the blackjack variant with two decks of cards is played, the so-called “double deck”.

Treasure Island

This is the only casino that preserved the original Vegas rules for BJ and in fact maintains the soft 17 rule and blackjack always pays 3 to 2.